Innovation is a vision with no history attached

– Kysha Woods, CEO

We have a positive impact on the beauty industry through strategic partnerships in business and education.

Who are we?

We are Consortium Coiffure

Consortium coiffure and professionals is a collective of professionals to maintain the sustainability of the professional aspect of the beauty industry. Consortium coiffure contributes and curates art, education and vision to explore emerging artisan and advocate for the beauty industry profession as a collective.  

We put you in the room with Entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate sponsors, investors and technology experts who have an interest tin increasing your revenue, building connections and accelerating your financial, investment and exit plan.
Licensed Professional
Our resources can help you expand your offerings.
Salon owners
Whether you have 1 or multiple locations, we can help grow your revenue and client base.
Beauty Brand
Tap into our varied revenue streams including products, engagements and passive options.
Appeared in publications
We love to engage with the media. If you are frequently in publications, we want to connect with you.
Beauty educator
The knowledge-base we possess is broad. You can benefit from our expertise in the beauty field.
Business Associate
Anyone involved with the beauty industry can gain valuable insight from our network on trends and best practices.

Benefit from our network

What we provide

Educational and technical training

Consortium Coiffure’s focus is on providing the best business resources, and beauty education to you to help to elevate your creativity and skills. The educational content Consortium Coiffure offers are business growth tools and tech training to help you develop your leadership and train other leaders in the beauty industry. While maintaining a professional environment, positive and welcoming business environment.

Personal and professional development

Consortium Coiffure understands the challenges to personal and professional development in the beauty industry. That is why we are here to help! Let us help grow you and your business to be better.


Join our community and stay updated on all news in the beauty industry and business growth materials. Our team of experts posts bi-weekly updates so you don’t miss anything. Submit your own posts as well and you could be featured on the blog.

Inspiration and motivation

Learn from and take inspiration from the industry’s top professionals. Use a diversity of work and ideas to channel their creativity into your own work. Learn tips on how to keep your skills expanding.

Business Resources

All Consortium Coiffure members have access to a variety of tools and media to help grow your business. Our library includes business models, research, and business-building tools. Join now and grow your business!

TV show

Tune in to our weekly show, or listen to our podcast and stay connected to the beauty industry news while learning more from our Consortium Coiffure crew.

Make your next move with confidence

Join our consortium and benefit from a network of beauty and personal care professionals. We can help you grow your clientele, branch off to new offerings, give back to your community and more.


Beauty Industries



Participate and Network

Exclusive Events

Join now and have access to the Consortium Coiffure yearly summit, Accelerate PHL, in Philadelphia. Accelerate PHL is a full-day summit that partners entrepreneurs with Philadelphia organizations to stimulate connection and provide resources that encourage entrepreneurs to invest in themselves. Our summit serves as a hub for the best the beauty industry has to offer to meet, educate, market, and connect with each other. Don’t miss out on expanding your beauty industry connections and growing your business. See the link below for this year’s speakers and events.
Meet and greet for boards and membership
Connections and networking are some of the key foundations of business growth. As a Consortium Coiffure member, get the opportunity to meet our team of beauty experts and other aspiring members in the industry.
Educational and technical training
Consortium Coiffure is focused on providing the best education to you to help to elevate your career while keeping a positive and welcoming environment. Our educational content offers the best business growth and tech training to help you be a leader in the industry. Scroll up to What We Provide (hyperlink) to learn more.
Mastermind Groups
Consortium Coiffure members are bright aspiring entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and skills. Our mastermind groups will connect you with other members to facilitate the growth of each individual and their business. Click here (hyperlink) to see more info.
Inspirational Daily Calls
Find yourself having trouble with motivation or just need a little boost to your inspiration? We can help. Our members can opt into daily calls that will help ground, educate and refocus you on your goals. Click here (Hyperlink) to hear a sample or to sign up.
International Summit/Hair Show
Our full-day summit partners with entrepreneurs with Philadelphia organizations to stimulate connection and provide resources that encourage entrepreneurs to invest in themselves. The summit serves as a hub for the best the beauty industry has to offer to meet, educate, market, and connect with each other. Click here (hyperlink) for more information

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Common Questions


What is the cost to join the consortium?


Consortium Coiffure offers many types of memberships including from businesses, individuals and students. See the PDF below to find which category you fit into, and begin to take advantage of our abundance of resources that help you grow as a business and individual!


How often do you meet?


Consortium Coiffure members meet and collaborate in many ways. We have our yearly summit to bring together all of the best in the beauty industry. Mastermind groups that meet every 2-weeks. Daily inspirational calls. As well as an abundance of other resources where our members and team meet.


What perks come along with membership?


Perks of a Consortium Coiffure membership include access to our personalized training courses, access to our annual events, technical education videos, business education courses, along with many other invaluable benefits.

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New professionals are welcome


Our Salon membership offers business outlines, educational and technical training, and personal consulting to help grow your business. Plus, a variety of other benefits see PDF above.

Partner with product companies 

Partner with Consortium Coiffure to start an invaluable relationship that gives you brand exposure to our members, and business consultation from industry experts. Plus, a variety of other benefits see above.

Partner with schools 

Our School memberships offer education and technical training material, and as well a free student access trial to a Consortium Coiffure membership. Plus, a variety of other benefits see PDF above.

Licensed professional

Business of 1? We can help you with our business growth courses, technical training, mastermind groups, exclusive events, and many other benefits meant to help you reach your goals.


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Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA